I have a proven track record of helping leaders create sustained positive change. Achieving results takes more than technical competence, it requires a trusting relationship built over time.  Here are comments from current and former clients who have benefited from my coaching and consulting advice. 


“When McGeorge Law school sought to re-vision itself with a new strategic plan, we knew we needed an experienced facilitator. Steve Sphar fit the bill perfectly. His strong intellect and deft facilitation skills created an environment that allowed the faculty and administration to engage in deep, honest conversation about the future we wanted to build together.”

Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker, Dean Emeritus, McGeorge law School


“Steve focused on my unique needs as a leader in a highly political organization. His coaching helped me clarify my strengths and weaknesses and guided me in sustaining a healthy work-life balance. Two years later, I am happier and more productive professionally and personally than I have ever been.”

Carol Barkley, Director of Charter Schools, Calif. Dept. of Education


“I appreciated Steve’s approach in leading large scale culture change. He supported me and my leadership team through the entire culture change process. Steve pushed us when we needed to move forward and, with his expertise and support, we achieved our desired results.”

Max Villalobos,  Senior Vice President & Area Manager, Kaiser Permanente, Napa-Solano


“I engaged Steve as an executive coach to help me implement a leadership framework that I learned at Duke University in the Advanced Management Program. Steve helped me quickly develop values, vision, mission, work plan and action plans for my team of eight direct reports. More importantly, Steve guided me towards a broader awareness of myself, my team, and the organization that has clarified my leadership path.

Steven G. Lins, Chief Assistant General Counsel, Sacramento Municipal Utility District


“Steve has consistently demonstrated an ability to fully engage all of our Board members, leading them to lively, focused and productive discussions. He uses a wide variety of techniques to maximize participation while keeping everybody on track. Steve is confident in tackling controversial issues and managing conflict in a manner that helps us reach consensus. We’re thoroughly happy with Steve’s work and attention to detail.”

Stephen Sands, Registrar and Chief Executive, California Contractors State License Board


“A few years ago, my business faced a lot of challenges and a time of major transition. Steve met with several of my managers and I and helped us develop a plan to meet these challenges, grow together as leaders and to inspire our staff to new heights. Steve has continually helped me since with his wisdom and advice on team management, problem solving and organizational growth. Steve is simply one of the most insightful and thoughtful people I know. I highly recommend him as an advisor for any organization.

Christopher Kerosky, Founder and Partner – Kerosky, Purves & Bogue


“Steve’s coaching and insight were invaluable to me as I moved into a leadership position. His deep experience and keen insight expanded my thinking and gave me new tools to execute my vision. Steve is an exceptional listener and able to see multiple points of view – which makes him an extraordinary coach and strategist. I recommend him highly.”

Michael Stevenson, Producing Artistic Director, Capital Stage Company


“As I moved from private practice to government service, Steve’s approach to coaching, and the tools he brought to the process, fostered positive changes in both my leadership style and my professional fulfillment as an architect.”

Chester A. Widom, FAIA, California State Architect & Chief Executive, Div. of The State Architect


“Steve’s wise, compassionate, and direct approach has helped me resolve some of the most difficult organizational challenges related to developing leaders. He has been invaluable in helping me assess and understand employee engagement, implement actionable strategic plans and build new and enlightened approaches to managing our business.”

Karen Matthews, Chief, Office of Workforce Development, Calif. Dept. of Toxic Substances Control


“Steve has a unique style of coaching that meets you at your level and challenges you to grow. He demystifies the coaching process with practical tools that make leadership development accessible and manageable. He helped me immensely.”

Carrie Der Garabedian, MBA, RD, Director of Food Services, Madera Community Hospital


“Steve is a first class facilitator. A partner and I hired him to help us do intensive due diligence on a new venture. Steve did a masterful job of preparing us for the event ahead of time. He guided us through his planned agenda, keeping us on track and productive. He got us to ask each other the tough questions in a way that led naturally to solutions. My partner and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.”

David E. Wood, Partner, Anderson Kill Law Firm

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